Wednesday, June 8

Morning Checklist

Things look a bit brighter in the light of morning. There was a weird silence over breakfast, but the three of us mostly studied our breakfasts without saying a word. Our fathers made a joke of it, as usual. I'm a little bruised this morning, but it isn't anything serious. I'll just be a bit sore for a few days. I wanted to speak with Gloria and Tarry alone, but Gloria has been rushing around all morning, and I haven't had a chance to catch her. Tarry has been helping our fathers load the wagon. And I'm here double checking that I haven't forgotten anything before we hit the road once again. Here's the checklist:
Six pairs of stockings...X
Six shifts...X
My Feast day dress...X
Three winter dresses...X
Three summer dresses...X
My heavy lambskin cloak...X
My sunhat...X (I'm wearing it right now, actually.)
Travel leggings & tunic (also worn)
The strongbox...X
My jewelry box...X
Travel papers...X
This diary and pen...X
That should be it. Everything else will either be bought in Carabos or provided by the Academy. It's time to close up the trunk again. I can see that this is the last thing to go. Gloria is already in the yard, watching our fathers place a pair of leather bags on the cart. Those must be her luggage. Tarry is down there too. She's speaking animatedly at him, but I can't hear the words from out here. He's not paying attention. He just keeps patting his pocket and looking off into the distance, towards the hill.

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