Wednesday, June 8

On the Instructors

We all traveled back to town together and checked into the inn. A few of the houses were burned, but because a pair of powerful mages were already staying here, the damage wasn't too extensive. It was mostly confined to the outskirts of the town and outlying farms. How could something like this happen? I shudder to think how bad this would have been if Magus K and Celon weren't here. Oh, and he writes his name like the letter, not the name. He's kind of interesting, but I get this cold feeling from him. Up close, he's nearly seven feet tall! He's not actually a full professor at the Academy, more of an adjunct. But I saw him shoot some sort of ray, so he must be a powerful mage, right? Even though Magus Celon is his superior, he seems to be in charge of the travel. When I asked about it at dinner, the Magus laughed, and Mr. K made a noise that I guess could have been laughter.
“Mr. K knows every inch of the world better than the back of his hand. He teaches geography.” The Magus explained. I don't know why that's funny. Geography. How completely boring. I thought we were going to be learning spells and things. As though reading my disapointment, Mr. K told me that he also teaches Planar Geography. As in The Planes, the worlds beyond. Which is pretty cool, I guess.
Gloria asked if he had traveled a great deal, and all enigmatic and mysterious, he said “My heels have pressed the earth on many worlds.” So I guess that is a yes. But a Planar Traveler. Wow. I had a million questions, but he's like a statue. That was the longest sentence he said all evening.
Magus Celon teaches more advanced magic theory and practice. He is an Evoker, which is a special kind of mage. He can only cast certain types of spells. I asked him a bit more, but all he said was that I would learn well enough in Spellcraft, and that I should be patient. He is an honest to goodness Elf, so I guess I can't be surprised by that answer. I've never met an elf before. He seems very nice. He's clearly a mighty wizard. He's from the great forests far to the west, but the Elves are complete isolationists. They appeared in the world briefly during the War of the Gods, led by their Goddess and firing arrows made of pure magic. Then, they were gone. When the third age dawn, the other People found that the Elves had disappeared back into their woods like mist. There are exceptions, of course. Adventurers ply the roads, and some of them are Elves, but Elves and Humans have a bad history. Worse even then with the Dwarves. I've heard that elves are immortal, that they do not age. I wonder if it's true, but I don't think I could ask him. Grandpa said that he knew some elves that were hundreds of years old, and didn't look more than 20. So, there are two mysterious gentlemen that I'll be traveling with, one tall and dark, one short and fair. It looks like it won't be a boring journey! Our ship leaves tomorrow! I can't wait!

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